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We are in the early stages of organizing this event. If you are part of a band, performance troupe, or organization that would like to participate at this event please contact us!
The Gainesville Hemp Fest is being organized by Friends of Cannabis in Gainesville, Florida with assistance from the
Florida Cannabis Action Network
PO Box 360653~ Melbourne, FL 32936 ~ ~ 321-253-3673
Even though this is a free speech event, it costs well over $1,000.00 to host this event. Your contribution helps promote the event, secure a sound system, and do all the little things it takes to make this possible. Will you support this event with your best possible donation? Donors will be listed as a supporter unless you specify the donation is anonymous.
You can send checks or money orders to:
PO Box 360653
Melbourne, FL 32936

Please note the donation is for the Gainesville Hemp Fest